RUMA CPA’s Achievements

In the beginning RUMA CPA started off purely as an accounting firm. However as the business grew it became clear that many of our clients also needed a wide range of other consulting services. This moved us to start off an independent company geared to offer management consultancy services. The company came to be known as RUMA CONSULT Ltd. RUMA CONSULT Ltd was incorporated on June 22nd 2011.

In addition to staff we have seen growth in revenues as well. We have now been able to declare a dividend year on year since 2014 because for the last the last three years we have been able to achieve our revenue targets. Besides operations in Rwanda, we’re now present in Burundi where we have a fully-fledged office. We are proud to count on International Organizations and Government of Rwanda Institutions and donor funded projects as some our major clients who contribute to more than 80% of our revenue.

Contribution to the Accounting Profession in Rwanda

RUMA CPA Founding Partner Mr Peter Rutaremara served as the founding president of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR). While at ICPAR he presided over the development of the curriculum, achieved associate membership of IFAC and full membership of PAFA, signatory to Mutual Recognition Agreement for the EAC Institutes of Accountants, and also set up the mechanisms for effective practice of accountancy in Rwanda.

In December 2005, he set up the KIM University, a top private University that leads in training of Professional Accountants and recently widen the scope to bring in the net other professional courses in Insurance, procurement, ICT ( CISCO) and banking among other sectors.

Our size, status and professionalism has enabled us qualify for membership of Kreston International, a network of accounting firms headquartered in the UK. We believe in upholding and applying high ethical and professional standards in our work, meeting and sometimes exceeding clients’ expectations.


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